May 7, IF you want a good look at the ancient world, follow the footsteps of Androclus. The Greek prince, who lived about BC, once asked a soothsayer where he and his troop of 1, colonists from Argos should build a city. The fish, carrying a live coal with it, landed in bushes that immediately caught fire. The flames sent a wild boar, harbored in the branches, running for its life. Androclus quickly pursued the boar to the northern slope of Mt. Pion by the Cayster River, where he overtook and slew it. On that spot he founded the city of Ephesus. Since that time some 3, years ago, Ephesus has fallen successively under the rule of the Persians, Romans, Goths, Byzantines, and Turks. Today, it is a stunning archaeological site.

Ancient Ephesus city

Imperial guard, bas-relief on Obelisk of Theodosius I, Roman emperor, Ephebe beautiful young man crowned with ivy, bronze, early Imperial era, Neptune, mosaic in triclinium dining room , House of Amphitrite, 2nd century Artemis with doe, known as Diana of Versailles, marble, 1st-2nd century AD,

The library of Celsus, Ephesus, Anatolia, Turkey, completed in C.E. which was completed in C.E. (some sites give C.E. as the completion date.) Tiberius Julius Celsus Polemaeanus (completed in AD?) by Celsus’ son.

We visited Western Turkey in June , concentrating on the archeological ruins of Ephesus and other nearby sites. At its peak Ephesus population is estimated at about , It is remarkable to walk a main street in Ephesus, as history records various biblical figures Paul, John, Mary as well as conquerors Alexander the Great did the same around 2, or more years ago.

Celsus Library, Ephesus. Intricate detail can be seen at the top of the arches. Ephesus also uncovered houses of its wealthier residents, also known as “The Terrace Houses”. Frescos adorn the interior of this Terrace House. The terrace houses were built in the first century AD and used through the 7th century AD. Intensive reconstructive work recovers a few marble wall panels that once finished this large room. A wider view of the nearby valley adjacent to Ephesus.

Close up fresco artwork depicting Socrates, from an Ephesus archeological site.

The celsus library in ephesus dating from 135 ad

To commemorate Roman Emperor Hadrian. In present-day Turkey. Yet as you crest the hill and walk down towards the Celsus Library,. Image of the Library of Celsus captured when in the process of anastylosis between at Ephesus after several earthquakes which had destroyed first the. This early work on bookbinding is both expensive.

The Library of Celsus, built in.

Ephesus was in ancient times a locality of Asia Minor,in present-day Turkey antinoo5: “ yeaverily: “ The Library of Celsus, completed AD, Ephesus, Built by John Pawson in Augsburg, Germany with date Images by Hufton+Crow.

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Learn more. Library of Celsus, Ephesus rm X. Create New Folder. Create New Collection. The library of Celsus is an ancient building in Ephesus, Anatolia, now part of Turkey.

Horseman from Circus Maximus, Rome, Italy, mosaic, 1st century AD Celsus Library, Ephesus; built AD under Consul Julius Celsus. Roman aqueduct dating from reign of Trajan (), Segovia, Spain.

The next acanthus frieze I want to show, is found in the Library of Celsus which was completed in C. It wasn’t easy to find this frieze in the midst of so much other decoration. The use of acanthus frieze of this type here seems to be very limited, however there is acanthoid decoration in a wide variety of forms in this building. After looking at many many photos of this building, and the vast amount of decorative detailing, I realized that I needed to know more about Roman Architecture , certainly the Temple of Minerva is less ornate.

This prompted me to delve deeper into the history of this building. While there seemed a lack of information available for the Temple of Minerva, the Library of Celsus has it’s own page on wikipedia, here is an excerpt:.

Library of Celsus in Ephesus

The Celsus Library, located in the Ephesus region, known for the ruins of Antiquity, is one of the most valuable works of the ancient world. Cappadocia, which has world-famous geographical conditions, fairy chimneys, wine cellars, and spectacular valleys, welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors Istanbul, cradle of Byzantine and Ottoman Empire, Istanbul, which has traces of the history that millions of tourists visit every year, is the only city in the world that bridges between Asia and Europe.

Both games were held every Olympiad (i.e. every four years), the Olympic Games dating back possibly further than BC. Library of Celsus, Ephesus, Izmir, Turkey. The Library of Celsus, completed AD, Ephesus, Turkey “BC: Temple of Artemis in Ephesus (Turkey), one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

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Muslims and Christians believe that the blessing of Ibrahim, located in the city of Urfa, is a sacred site.

Majestic Architecture of the Celsus Library in Ephesus

The Library of Celsus is probably the most distinctive building commonly associated with Ephesus. This library room was located above the vaulted substructure. The building was surrounded by an additional wall, offering adequate protection from moisture. When looking closely at the remains of the library two rows of niches located on the inner side walls and rear wall of the building can be seen. It is known that originally there was the third row.

marbles in a private context, in the House of Furius Aptus in Ephesus, provides a further consular date, this time of AD when Cn. Arrius a honorific monument to Augustus and Agrippa ; the Celsus Library sported befriended Antoninus Pius in AD when the latter resided at Ephesus as gov-.

The building was commissioned in the s A. The Library of Celsus was the third-largest library in the Roman world behind only Alexandria and Pergamum , believed to have held around twelve thousand scrolls. The interior of the library and its contents were destroyed in a fire that resulted either from an earthquake or a Gothic invasion in C.

Celsus enjoyed a successful military and political career, having served as a commander in the Roman army before being elected to serve as a consul in Rome in 92 C. An inscription records that Celsus left a large legacy of 25, denarii to pay for the library’s reading material. The library operated as a public space for the city from its completion around C. The main floor functioned as a reading room, lit by abundant natural light from the eastern windows. Shelves or armaria set into niches along the walls held papyrus book rolls that visitors could read, though borrowing would not have been permitted because copies of books were rare and labor-intensive to produce.

Additional scrolls may have been held in free-standing book boxes placed around the room, in which case the library would have had a holding capacity of up to sixteen thousand scrolls. The interior and contents of the library were destroyed by fire in C. Between and , a reconstruction campaign was led by the German archaeologist Volker Michael Strocka.

Sarcophagus on Curetes street, Ephesus

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The Library of Celsus, Ephesus, Turkey at My Favourite Planet. The Library of Celsus, completed around AD. there is no archaeological proof for this claim, which is based on the supposed date of Celsus’ death, and the assumption​.

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Ancient Ephesus in Turkey is full of buildings erected mainly during the Roman era. A tour in Ephesus gives people the opportunity to have a view to the daily life of the ancient habitants of the city which had grown to one of the most important centres of the Roman and even the Byzantine Empires. The ancient buildings that have survived nowadays are described below.

The Magnesia Gate had been built to the side of the road that connected Ephesus with Magnesia.

The celsus library in ephesus dating from ad. To commemorate Roman Emperor Hadrian. In present-day Turkey. Yet as you crest the hill and walk down​.

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Library of Celsus, Ephesus Turkey