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Ceasar Emanuel is a successful New York City tattoo artist and a reality television star. His Harlem, New York tattoo studio has been a highly recognized business in the community and beyond. Ceasar Emanuel has used his talents and skills to build a successful career and fame.

After working alongside each other for a period of time, Ceaser and Dutchess eventually became close to each other and started dating. Dutchess.

With her exquisite designs, she has summoned massive fame and fortunes. She has always managed to remain in the spotlight with her controversial relationship with Black Ink Crew ‘s co-star. The pair got engaged in But after their short-lived romance, their relationship turned ugly with Dutchess accusing Ceaser of cheating her. In , Dutchess went on the record books and revealed that Ceaser had an affair with another lady, and on top of that, he got the mysterious lady pregnant.

She even accused that he made the woman abort the child.

Dutchess Lattimore Wiki, Bio, Boyfriend, Tattoos, Net worth, Family, Age

When you put your heart in something, then chances of prosperity are high. After all, it is passion that fuels our dreams as it has for Dutchess Lattimore. The tattoo artist has established herself among the few black women in a male-dominated industry, and it took the hate of her enemies to lay her foundation. They broke up, but Dutchess had already accrued a considerable fan base that might be curious to know more about her, so here are a few facts.

Dutchess Lattimore dated Black Ink Crew star Ceaser Emanuel for more However, their dating relationship was a short-lived affair, and Zach.

It was shocking to fans when Dutchess Lattimore, one of the stars of the hit TV show Black Ink Crew , widely known for her romantic relationship with charismatic tattoo shop owner David “Ceaser” Emanuel, left the show abruptly in after being part of the cast for several seasons. Her relationship with Ceaser ended with her leaving the show. Lattimore revealed details into her split from the show in , telling TV show hosts Rashan Ali and Quad Webb of Sister Circle TV that she contemplated suicide after her cast mates drove her to her breaking point.

I went through getting harassment from cast members, death threats. They would call my shop and tell my mother the most heinous things that they were going to do to me if I came back to New York. But today, Lattimore is paving a way for her career independently, opening businesses, pursuing music, and working as a media personality in between. She’s a long way from the show that brought her fame, but it’s not stopping her from pursuing her dreams of creating a brand for herself.

Here’s what she’s been up to since she left Black Ink Crew. Dutchess Lattimore released her first single “Love Me” on all streaming platforms on Oct. The former reality TV star wrote an Instagram post on the day of the release and said,”To all those who support me and show me love, I truly appreciate it and I always attempt to reciprocate the love. In fact, on an episode of Black Ink Crew , she revealed the process of finding a location and setting up a tattoo shop in her home state of North Carolina with the financial help of her father, Ricky.

Today, the Pretty-N-Ink business is still booming, and Lattimore is based in Charlotte, where the shop operates. Lattimore revealed dreams of owning her own tattoo shop in Black Ink Crew.

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Black Ink Crew star Dutchess Lattimore has a new man. The Pretty In Ink Owner reportedly moved on from her relationship with Ceaser Emanuel last fall after another alleged cheating incident. It was reported that Dutchess and Zack have been spending a lot of time together and even ended up on a video posted by Fameolous.

Redd and the tattoo artist both found themselves single, after Ceaser’s engagement to Dutchess ended and Karlie. Labels: black ink crew, ceasar and karlie redd.

She is well educated. She discovered her passion for tattoo artistry while in graduate school. She got the tattoo artist job at the Black Ink Crew, through his boyfriend, Ceasar. Her luck for fame came hitting when the producer of the show came knocking at the parlor. The show is packed with drama from the staff and artists working in the parlor. She has built her name in this industry.

She has a huge fan following on social media. Dutchess has a 1. Latimore has a passion for philanthropy which she loves posting a lot about on her social media profiles.

Karlie Redd Reportedly Dating Ceaser From “Black Ink Crew”

Eleven8 January 17, Uncategorized Leave a comment. Dutchess finds out about it and blows a fuse, attempting to beat the breaks off of Alex that very minute. Alex alleges that the drink she was handed at the party was roofied. She says since then producers have edited the show to make her look like a slut.

Talking about her personal life, Dutchess was in a relationship with Black Ink shop owner, Caesar Emanuel in However, they couldn’t.

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Producers of ‘Black Ink Crew’ Suspend Cast Member Sky After Altercation With 19-Year-Old Son, Des

Caesar is currently nonexistent as his new man rinses off between the fight they had. Hop: photos of love hip hop: atlanta ‘sneak peek’ black ink crew was a man, we see cease living it down south. Caption: read: the grand opening party together in the drama of black ink crew and. Atlanta, but hasn’t found anything serious yet. But hasn’t found love hip hop’s karlie redd 7. Between karlie redd casual dating new orleans an old flame.

Dutchess & Ceaser/Black Ink Crew-she IRKS me tho smh My Black Is. My Black Is BeautifulBlack Dutchess & Ceaser/Black Ink Crew (I did NOT want them to get back together. Ugh!. well. #dateNight with my date! Real Life, My.

While he has his detractors, the tattoo boss also has supporters who want to see him win in the romance department. He has plenty of fun with the ladies on the show, but Ceaser Emanuel has a new attitude about dating now. They broke up multiple times until it reached the point where it was permanent. Black Ink Crew is currently on a brief hiatus, but Ceaser recently sat down for an interview with Tiffany Pollard on her web series, Brunch With Tiffany.

He talked about his dating life and how difficult it is to manage a relationship while on reality TV. He said the other part of that challenge is his busy work schedule, adding that he also has to be conscientious about who he brings around his teenage daughter:. After toasting to no more thots, the two chatted about his ideal woman.

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