Lamps offered at auctions might be trash or may be treasure. The lamp you use daily might also be a valuable item. Determining the worth of any lighting fixture means taking a good look at some obvious clues and doing a bit of research to estimate the value. Don’t assume because it’s old that it’s valuable. The same is true of modern lighting. It might not meet the traditional definition of years old to claim status as an antique, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth a fortune as a collectible. Examine the overall condition of the lamp. Look at the type of damage to determine if repairs are possible. Damages don’t totally discount the worth of a rare lamp, but the problems do reduce the value.

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Southwire’s 18/2 SPT lamp wire is designed for use in lamps, clocks, household fans and small appliances where not subjected to hard usage.

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How to Tell if You Have a Lamp That’s Worth Money

In electrical wiring , a light switch is a switch most commonly used to operate electric lights , permanently connected equipment, or electrical outlets. Portable lamps such as table lamps may have a light switch mounted on the socket, base, or in-line with the cord. Light switches are also found in flashlights , vehicles , and other devices. Switches for lighting may be in hand-held devices, moving vehicles, and buildings.

Residential and commercial buildings usually have wall-mounted light switches to control lighting within a room. Mounting height, visibility, and other design factors vary from country to country.


This invention relates to rectifier housings for use with incandescent electric light bulbs, and more particularly to a rectifier housing that can be inserted into an electric wall outlet and can receive a line cord plug that is connected with one or more lamp sockets. The use of rectifier devices to extend the life of incandescent electric light bulbs is well in known. In such devices a half-wave rectifier is inserted in the light bulb socket, between the socket center terminal and the tip contact of the typical threaded-base-type light bulb, in order to extend the life of the bulb by reducing the effective voltage applied to the bulb filament.

The rectifier operates essentially to convert alternating current to pulsating direct current, the effective voltage level of which is lower than that of the alternating current source. By imposing a lower effective voltage upon the light bulb filament, the operating life of the filament is substantially extended, in some instances enabling a bulb to operate for a period of 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for at least ten years.

In order to take advantage of the long light bulb life that results from the use of rectifier devices, various structures have been proposed in which a rectifier is provided in an electric line and in series with a light bulb filament. For example, a rectifier has been provided directly in a lamp socket as disclosed in U.

Diodes have also been incorporated in a double wall switch as also disclosed in the previously-identified Morton patent, as well as in a single, three position wall switch as disclosed in U. Further, a diode has been provided as a part of a removable lamp socket that includes an on-off switch, as disclosed in U. Dotto, and in a removable lamp socket that includes a bright-dim switch as disclosed in U.

In addition to placement in wall switches and in light bulb sockets, rectifiers have also been positioned in line cords themselves together with a line cord miniature switch, as disclosed in U. Finally, in addition to placement in switch and socket assemblies, rectifiers have also been provided in a removable form wherein a diode is provided in a disc-shaped housing for direct attachment to the base of an incandescent light bulb, and for easy removal therefrom for use with a different light bulb, as disclosed in U.

Manor 1.8m Suspension Cord in Antique Nickel

Los Angeles, CA Perhaps you love estate sales and have been noticing some eye-catching lamps, or maybe you’ve found a handsome old lamp in your grandparents’ attic. However you found these amazing light fixtures, you might be wondering if they’re antique and worth restoring. Well, the short answer is that, if you like the lamp, have it restored.

Shades-down and shades-up options date back to early gas lighting. A few offer period-authentic options like twisted lamp cord, and so are not UL-approved​.

I love a good grandma challenge. Neither my mom or I ever remember seeing it before, and a lamp expert at a local antique shop guessed that it dated back to the very early days of electricity, even possibly converted from a gas lamp given certain characteristics. Grandma thought it would be a costly or even impossible repair, I was happy to give it a try and return it to its useful state. The vintage lamp had accrued a lot of dust, whereever it had been stored.

The solution, coupled with the soft bristled toothbrush, was enough to clear the many crevices of dirt and dust. The real reason I had taken this lamp in its assembled state to a lamp wiring specialist, was because I wanted to try and duplicate the silk-wrapped cord with a similar one.

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Repairing household lamps that don’t work properly is easily done. Available at any well-stocked hardware or electrical store, the plug and cord are simple and inexpensive to replace. Installing a light socket is just as easy. Replacement sockets come in various finishes so you should be able to find a socket that is similar to the color tone of the existing socket.

Lamp cord is known as Type SPT, or zip cord. The 18 size is satisfactory for most lamp applications.

A Vipp product is crafted from a legacy in metalwork dating back to Designed The external flexible cable or cord of this luminaire cannot be replaced; if.

Uploading file. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Cosy in Grey is hand made, mouth blown in colored soda lime glass, cut grinded and polished by hand. PVC cord with a dimmer, plastic socket and an internal clear plastic construction to secure cord and socket.

Bulb not included. Harri Koskinen is a leading designer from Finland and has been named Designer of the Year in Finland. He has also received several Best Product Awards from around the world. With its modern shape in mouth-blown glass, the Cosy In Grey Table Lamp provides gentle lighting through its dimmable naked bulb, encased in smoked grey glass. More Information.

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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. If you are in need of quality lamp parts when restoring vintage and antique pieces, updating lamp sockets, cords, switches, and other components will help ensure that your project is suitable for use.

Older electrical components might be worn, frayed, bent, burned, or otherwise damaged, making them unsafe. We have a wide selection of these components available to ensure that your restoration project is successful.

Gem presents a lamp in working condition that has no cracks, chips, frayed cord, bent harp, or missing pieces. The shade is pristine and.

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Some salt lamp is too bright at night and disturbed you to sleep,This cord has a dimmer knob that turns making it a breeze to adjust the ambiance of your bedroom with a simple turn of the knob. It allows you to run your salt lamp low enough that it doesn’t interrupt sleep,so it is customized 2. This plug is very easy installation,it has butterfly clip design ,so it can fixed at the hole of salt lamp wooden base 3. With 2 25w E12 replacement light bulbs 4. UL approval plug,our cord has UL certification 5.

How to Rewire a Lamp – Replace a Lamp Socket