A friend at my job told me he was dead and I was like No quit playing! After that my phone starts lighting up with phone calls!!!!!!!!!!!! I can speak for everyone prolly and say no one expected to hear this about Gerald. Reports say he had a heart attack and died in his sleep at his suburban home in Cleveland. I could bring up other factors that people say took place with him but Y? I feel it was just his time to go at an unfortunate age of 40! He had 4 children. Gerald is featured on a track by rapper Styles P coming next year.

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Isnaini Dot Com. I absolutely hated the dress but it does look like something Diana would have worn during her Supremes heyday. Maybe that’s why Bey decided to wear it, who knows? If so, she could easily have been forgiven. Destiny’s Child also hooked up together for the photo op:. During Bey’s Get Me Bodied performance, she was joined on stage by her sister Solange who was doing more pop-locking than anyone else, and Michelle Williams also did her thang.

The best memes from Instagram, Facebook, Vine, and Twitter about Levert. Memes, Music, and Gerald Levert: November 10, Grammy Award winner&.

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Gerald Levert

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ontaya brooks. didnt know she was getting it in with Gerald Levert, damn she is diverse. chase I remember he was dating Monique. Plus that.

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Gerald Levert’s daughter pays tribute on anniversary of his death & releases song dedicated to him

Until his death in , Gerald Edward Levert thrilled audiences far and wide with his amazing vocal skills. Gerald was also a writer, arranger, producer, and performer. The passionate, world-class s soul singer had a flair for slow jams and love ballads.

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Since her departure from the show on Season 2, Chrissy appeared on several others, but she didn’t develop her personality and quick wit in front of the camera. Separated from her parents at an early age, Chrissy developed a keen sense of self-preservation. The half-Cuban, half-African-American New Yorker caught the attention of fellow Harlemite and rapper Jim Jones, and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

Today, she has almost as many Instagram followers as he does. The couple is still together and in love, but they live in different cities and still have not tied the knot. Chrissy isn’t sitting around waiting for Jim; she’s focused on her Lady Millionaires Club, an all-women investment group that flips houses and manages three properties in Philadelphia.

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A legal tug-of-war is under way over how Gerald Levert’s assets should be split. The singer’s publishing copyrights and music royalties have yet to be appraised, and will make up a sizable part of Levert’s estate, according to court records. The process of divvying up the local music heroe’s estate has resulted in a legal battle between Levert’s cousin – the executor of the estate – and two women who had children with Levert.

Levert’s will named Anthony Gibson, the singer’s cousin and business manager, as executor. He launched proceedings in March to administer the estate. However, the mothers of two of Levert’s children – LeMicah Levert, 17 and Camryn Levert, 8 – say Gibson has left them in the dark throughout the process. They say they want to ensure the children receive their due as the singer’s legal next-of-kin. A third child, Carlysia Levert, 17, is also set to inherit from the estate. The singer’s home address has become a point of contention in the legal wrangling.

Gibson had planned to dole out the estate in Cuyahoga County Probate Court, where, he has argued, the singer lived and spent most of his work and free time. The mothers’ lawyers say the process, by law, should take place in Geauga County, where Levert had a home in Newbury Township. When asked by a magistrate Wednesday why the location mattered, the mothers’ lawyers said they are concerned over the lack of information they have received on execution of the will.

Gerald Levert Memorial(Stevie Wonder)